Asian Stubtail Facts and Photos

Information about the Bird Asian Stubtail

The Asian stubtail (Urosphena squameiceps) is a species of bird in the Cettiidae family. It breeds in Korea, Manchuria and Japan and winters to southern Chinaand northern Southeast Asia. Its natural habitat is temperate forests.

A small bird with a short tail. Males and females are similar in color, as well as juveniles after fledging; they are brown all over with a paler underpart and a darker brown crest and eyeline.
Breeding Asian stubtails reside in portions of northeast Asia; non-breeding in parts of southeast Asia including Taiwan and SE China, preferring a habitat of undergrowth in evergreen broadleaf or lowland coniferous forest.
Breeding males produce a high-pitched "shee-shee-shee-shee" or "cee-cee-cee", while both males and females make a call similar to "chott-chott-chott".

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