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The booted eagle (Hieraaetus pennatus, also classified as Aquila pennata) is a medium-sized bird of prey. It is about 46cm (18in) in length and has a wingspan of 120cm (47in). Like all eagles, it belongs to the family Accipitridae.

The booted is a small eagle, comparable to the common buzzard in size though more eagle-like in shape. Males grow to about 510-770g (1.12-1.70lb) in weight, with females about 950-1,000g (2.09-2.20lb). There are two relatively distinct plumage forms. Pale birds are mainly light grey with a darker head and flight feathers. The other form has mid-brown plumage with dark grey flight feathers.
The call is a shrill kli-kli-kli.
It breeds in southern Europe, North Africa and across Asia. It is migratory, wintering in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. This eagle lays 1-2 eggs in a tree or crag nest.
This is a species of wooded, often hilly countryside with some open areas. It hunts small mammals, reptiles and birds up to 5 times its own weight.
Based on recent genetic research some authors reclassified this species to the genus Aquila, along with some or all other Hieraaetus species. As it is the type species of Hieraaetus, should any of the hawk-eagles have been retained in a distinct genus then a new name for that group would have been necessary.
However, most reference lists currently use H. pennata.
Along with the little eagle, this bird is one of the closest living relatives of the extinct Haast's eagle of New Zealand.

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