Brown-chested Barbet Facts and Photos

Information about the Bird Brown-chested Barbet

The bird is sexually dimorphic, slightly medium-sized, brownish, with a wide-black face mask centered on the eyes; it has a goldish crown, stout bill, and the cinnamon-colored upper breast patch.The brown-chested barbet (Capito brunneipectus), also called cinnamon-breasted barbet, is a species of bird in the Capitonidae family. It is endemic to Brazil's central-southern Amazon Basin.

The brown-chested barbet's range in the central Amazon Basin, eastern Amazonas-western Par states, North Region, Brazil, lies between two river systems in the east and west, with the Amazon River on the north. The contiguous range goes from the lower 600km of the Tapajs River and its Amazon River confluence in the east, to the west at a 300km stretch of the lower Madeira River just south of the Amazon confluence. The range is an approximately rectangular swath 400km wide and 950km long, and is restricted on the three sides by the river systems.

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