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Information about the Bird Collared Imperial Pigeon

The collared imperial pigeon, (Ducula mullerii), is a large (40cm in length, 600 g in weight) pigeon with grey upperparts and largely grey-pink underparts, distinguished by a striking and diagnostic complete black collar against an otherwise white throat.

Northern and southern New Guinea and the Aru Islands. It has been recorded from Boigu and Saibai islands, Australian territory in northern Torres Strait.
Lowland rainforest, swamp forest and mangroves.
Fruit from forest trees and insects. In the Port Moresby area, the main food during June/July was reported to be fruit of Tristiropsis canarioides which made up nearly half the diet. Some 30% of food volume were ylang-ylang (Cananga odorata) fruit, the remainder being various Arecaceae (palm) fruits. Fruits eaten had a volume between 2 and 5cm, which would mean a diameter of about 1,5-2cm in spherical fruit. Food is swallowed whole.(Frith et al. 1976)
Lays single egg on flimsy platform nest in forest tree adjoining wetland.
The binomial commemorates the German naturalist Salomon Mller.

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