Crimson-bellied Parakeet Facts and Photos

Information about the Bird Crimson-bellied Parakeet

The crimson-bellied parakeet (Pyrrhura perlata), more commonly known as the crimson-bellied conure in aviculture, is a species of parrot in the family Psittacidae.

Its taxonomic history is potentially confusing. It was formerly known as Pyrrhura rhodogaster, but following a review it was discovered that the type specimen for P. perlata, long believed to belong to the closely related pearly parakeet, actually was a juvenile crimson-bellied parakeet. Consequently, P. perlata was transferred to this species, while P. rhodogaster became a junior synonym.
Pyrrhura perlata adults are partly green in colour. They have yellow/green cheeks, turning to blue on lower cheeks. The breast is brown with pale off-white and dark brown barring. Crimson-bellied parakeets have a blue collar around their hindnecks, varying with each bird. They have red bend of wing, lesser underwing coverts; blue thighs to tail coverts The tail is brown/red. Pyrrhura perlata has a brown/grey beak. Eye ring bare and white. Eye dark brown. Crimson-bellied Conures weigh about 85-94g.
It is found in forests in the south-central Amazon Basin in Brazil and Bolivia. It remains locally fairly common, and is consequently considered to be of least concern and IUCN.

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