Spotted Kestrel Facts and Photos

Information about the Bird Spotted Kestrel

The spotted kestrel (Falco moluccensis) is also known as the Moluccan kestrel.

Spread through Wallacea and Java, the spotted kestrel inhabits grasslands with scattered trees, lightly wooded cultivation, and the edges of primary and tall secondary forest. Along logging roads, it occasionally penetrates forests, and sometimes inhabits clearings within forested areas. It has also been known to live in areas of human habitation.
The spotted kestrel displays similar habits to that of the common kestrel.
The spotted kestrel feeds primarily on small mammals, birds, mostly waterfowl and doves, lizards, and insects.
Displaying similar nesting habits to other kestrels, the spotted kestrel can be found occupying man-made structures, abandoned nests, and cliff sides. In Indonesia, nest were found in a variety of locations including the peaked roof traditional housing or in the crowns of a palms trees. Nests are usually occupied March through September or October during mating season.
The spotted kestrel has a call described as common, a keek, keek, keek, similar to other kestrels. While in flight, they tend to use a more scream-like call, rrrrit, rrrrit, rrrrit.

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