Grey-banded Mannikin Facts and Photos

Information about the Bird Grey-banded Mannikin

The grey-banded mannikin or grey-banded munia, (Lonchura vana) is a species of estrildid finch is known to be found in Anggi Gigi, Tamrau Mountains and Arfak Mountains in the Vogelkop Peninsula in north-west Papua, Indonesia. This species inhabits at mid-mountain wet grassland and marshland. It also can be found at abandoned agricultural plots, near human settlements.

The grey-banded mannikin is approximately 10cm long. This species is a grey pale-headed munia with brownish-grey breast, narrow and grey lower breast-band, rufous-brown belly, dark brown mantle and wings, and pale yellow rump and tail.
Its natural habitat is reported to be destroyed by farmers for agricultural practices. However, it can be found on agricultural plots and may be able to survive in this habitat.
It was proposed to further identify its habitat requirements and threats at Anggi Gigi and conserve wet grassland and marshland sites in Anggi Gigi, into the protected-areas. It was also proposed to establish whether the Pegunungan Arfak Nature Reserve supports the species and find suitable habitat in north-east Papua to conserve this species.

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