Grey-faced Petrel Facts and Photos

Information about the Bird Grey-faced Petrel

The grey-faced petrel (Pterodroma gouldi) is a petrel endemic to the North Island of New Zealand.

This species was formerly treated as a subspecies of the great-winged petrel (Pterodroma macroptera) but has been recognized as a separate species since 2014. Research published in 2016 supports the conclusion that P. gouldi should be treated as a separate species.
This is a large petrel, with a body length of 42-45 cm. It has a dark brown colouration, similar to the black-footed albatross, a dark bill and a whitish grey face. The wings are long and enable a buoyant style of flight.
The grey-faced petrel breeds only in the north of North Island, New Zealand. Outside of the breeding season, individuals range over the subtropical southwest Pacific Ocean, including Australia and Norfolk Island, keeping mainly in the area between 25 and 50 degrees south. Vagrants may occasionally enter Antarctic waters.

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